Quilting Symposium - Ashburton June 25 - 29 2014

Jo and I decided about nine months ago that we were going to the quilting symposium. The fact that we were beginner quilters didn't affect our decisions at all. We saved by putting money in the safe at work each payday.

Machine quiltingOn Thursday we left work about 11am. I was driving a ute back to Timaru for the boss and Jo picked me up from there.

We got to the symposium which was at the intermediate school about 3.30, and got our registration bag. We had a look through the merchants mall which was surprisingly small and had a stock up on batik fabrics from http://www.wrightfabrics.co.nz/ and the guy was lovely and very knowlegable. We had a look around the other stalls, I believe there were 14 in total, but didn't do much shopping except Jo got the last of her course requirements from Petra at http://www.zigzag.co.nz/

We checked in at the motel Coronation Park and had an early dinner across the railway lines at robbies restaurant. I had the daily special of spaghetti with seafood with a basil sauce. Yumm. We went back to the motel and were just watching tv and chatting when I mentioned that I was silly not getting more batiks. Jo had been thinking exactly the same thing so we went back and did more shopping.

Friday we had our first classes. Jo had a bargello quilt (Tutor Debby Williams) which she managed to get the top finished and I had beginning machine quilting(Tutor Bev Dyke). Much harder than it looks.


Saturday, Jo had a day off and I had celtic alphabet class(Tutor Anna Williams ). I loved it. I hadn't thought I would enjoy aplique but I did. Very simple but very effective.

Celtic letter

Quick trip to obsession to quilts offsite store which had service which could have been a bit better and a shop at the threads (www.wonderfil.net)

Sunday, I had pot of pansies class (Tutor Mary Transom ), which is intended as a two day class, so it is well along and I know the techniques for finishing it off.

Jo had a two day class called wrought iron gate (Tutor Karen Broderson) which she learnt a huge amount and it is well on the way to being finished.

We went to happy hour which was interesting, but I am not upset that we did not go to more of them.

Monday I had a class on Tips and Techniques (Tutor Debby Williams ) where I am a bit disapointed with the way my blocks came out as I was trying so hard to be precise and the points are not as good as they could be. Beautiful fabric though.

We were a little alarmed with the weather on Moday. It was bucketing down all day and there were alerts out for the roads. We got away right at end off class. Around Timaru, we started getting surface flooding, but we just travelled slowly and got through. Oamaru, which had more warnings out,had less flooding. We picked up fish and chips in Oamaru and I kept driving to Hampden and swapped driving.

Back in Dunedin and in my car at 8.01 and home soon after. Nighthawk had the kettle hot for coffee, the heat pump on and my electric blanket hot. He knows me well. Rimu and Kaos were glad to see me too.

Will definitely do it again. Big thanks to Jo for taking her car and a brilliant few days away.


Today I did more work on two of my classes from the symposium.

The celtic letter - it had freezer paper sewn in that I removed and trimmed ready for quilting


The pot of pansies is almost finished.  I really like it now

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