Paper Storage Shelves

Yesterday I said to Nighthawk "you know how you want us to make some projects together? Well here is the list" When he had had a cup of coffee and a "yes, I did say that" we went down to the workshop.

Top of the list was storage for 12*12 inch scrapbook papers. Inspired by in my own style  and knowing that we had some rescued MDF part sheets in the basement I decided that it could be made out of that and ready for when I get my craft room.

I did make it a bit harder by giving a maximum external height (20cm) and a minimum internal width and depth (both 33cm), however Nighthawk decided that wasn't too much of a issue.

Move things around in the basement to get to the MDF and pick three nice-ish pieces. Cut four 20*33cm pieces and six 33*33cm pieces. Sanded to remove major imperfections and then masked the inside to allow for gluing .

Cutting the length of MDF on table saw

Cutting to size


Nighthawk made me do the sanding...



Nighthawk nailing in the back

Painted inside only with some three in one priming paint that I think was here when we bought the house and let dry. Nighthawk glued and put the outer shell together with brad nails, clamped and left for the night returning later to switch off the compressor.

Today I sanded the outside edges flush and Nighthawk put in the middle shelf in and braded them in.  It was such a neat fit it didn't need to have been masked off for the glue.  Quick touch up with the paint inside. Nighthawk made back to fit, approx 20*35cm and put onto the back.  Left to dry and then back with the sander.

Two coats of primer all over the outside and then another break.

Two coats of resene "surfer green"  which I don't know if I love the colour, but it does pop in this room.

Total outlay: $3.20 for the test pot of paint from Mitre 10 and a few hours work (lets not comment on the extra scrapbook papers I bought yesterday at spotlight to help fill the shelves)

Result:  Very useful, sturdy units that will last forever.

Job done... don't tell Nighthawk but I have more things I need made...

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