Demin jeans quilt

Yesterday I found my pile of old jeans that needed thrown out.

I cut them into 8 inch squares and got 12 from most legs and 2 pocket squares.

14 Squares from each set of jeans, except with some miscutting I got 65 squares.

I arranged them in 8 piles of 8, trying to make sure there were no seams on the outside columns, tidily assembled in 8 piles and named them.

I then sewed them and completely changed the order of the rows, but the columns stayed the same and I made sure the pockets stayed pointing in the same direction. Sewed sets of two together and ten joined in sets of 4 and then 8.
Sewed the 8 columns together, in sets of two and then sets of four etc.

Backing was some really nice soft polar fleece / minky fabric.  This does not fray but it does make a fluffy mess while it is being cut.

Pinned together with lots of pins, sewed the outside together with a gap for turning, removed the pins, turned right side out and sewed the gap and a close edge all the way round after putting all the pins back in on this side.

I then sewed very basically in (or around) the ditch on 6 rows to help hold it together.
Remove last remaining pins and take photos.

This was nice and easy due to the large square size and the fact that it doesn't require batting in the middle as the minky is so warm and there is no binding.

Total time probably about 4 hours.
Very approx size 55 inch square.

Only real cost about $12 for the backing which I had bought a year ago.


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