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My name is Paula or Xaria which is my online name I have used since the beginning of time online. I am a quiet person who loves reading, but I also really enjoy making stuff with my hands, whether it be arts & craft, cooking & baking or quilting. I also really enjoy being in the garden and trying new things.

This blog like my partners is just our activities and interests being blogged over time. I have been inspired by many on the internet and I hope that in return you get inspired by some of our activities whether be mine or my partner Nighthawk and his woodworking projects.

I have only just started out in the quilting, and have now made over 10 complete quilts, and a couple of table runners and a variety of other things. I really enjoy it (even when things don't go as planned or as intended). I also have enjoyment in art & crafts and just making stuff which helps with the quilting and vise versa.

I love baking and cooking and trying new foods, experimenting in the kitchen. From simple really quick ways of cooking to the more extravagant of baking. I have made a couple of batches of elderflower champagne, ginger beer and do a lot of jams and sauces etc. Most of the ingredients come from our own garden and this brings me to another pastime "Gardening"

When we bought our house most of the garden was already done, but there were no edibles. For a period, before we put in the back deck we had a raised bed garden, however we now have to select some to put the new garden. So as you can see, all these come together and help each side of my interests.

Nighthawk and Rimu having cuddles on back deck

That said I also have other interests like a enjoy a good book and still enjoy taking the motorcycle for a good spin through the twisties when I can find time.

Rimu really enjoys those cuddles from Nighthawk

So I hope you enjoy our pages and blogs and hope you get at least little inspired to go and try new things.

Kind Regards